Angelo Inglese, testimional for VII edition of Trofeo Globo Tricolore

The Trofeo Globo Tricolore is an international festival celebrating s Italian resilience and creativity through short documentaries. It features stories of survival, adaptation, and new beginnings, showcasing Italian creativity and perseverance.

This year, the event transforms from an award to a festival, focusing on showcasing Italian successes and the excellence of “Made in Italy” through two-minute micro-documentaries. The “Italia in the World” award, previously broadcast by RAI, has received an honor from President Sergio Mattarella.

Angelo Inglese, the celebrated tailor and designer known for his exquisite craftsmanship, has been chosen as the testimonial for the seventh edition of the Trofeo Globo Tricolore festival. His role underscores the festival’s celebration of Italian excellence and innovation. Inglese’s dedication to high-quality, handmade garments and his ability to blend tradition with modernity make him a fitting ambassador for this event, which honors Italy’s resilience and creativity through compelling short documentaries.