“Like Lotus Flowers”: the school that creates interdependence

On May 27th, a group of secondary school students from the I.C. Deledda-S.G. Bosco participated in a guided tour at the bespoke shirt-making workshop of renowned tailor and designer Angelo Inglese in Ginosa.

The event was organized to conclude the Mentoring and Guidance project under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), “Like Lotus Flowers: The School that Creates Interdependence” led by expert psychologist Daniela Pagliarulo.

The visit provided the students with a unique opportunity to explore the world of craftsmanship, a sector that combines tradition and innovation. The Ginosa workshop is known worldwide for its expertise in creating custom-made shirts, an art that requires specific skills and great attention to detail.

At the beginning of the visit, the students were welcomed by Mrs. Graziana D’Alconzo, the wife of the famous tailor, who, along with her husband, shared the history of the company and the importance of manual craftsmanship. Subsequently, through a practical demonstration, the students were able to observe the various stages of making a shirt, from fabric selection to cutting, sewing, and final detailing.

Psychologist Daniela Pagliarulo emphasized the importance of experiences like this in the educational journey of young people. “Initiatives like these help students discover new interests and better understand their professional inclinations,” the expert stated. “It is crucial for students to have the opportunity to connect with the working world and learn about professions they might never have considered.”

During the visit, moments of reflection arose, encouraging students to ask questions and share their impressions. This interactive approach allowed the students to feel engaged and gain a deeper understanding of the opportunities offered by the craftsmanship sector.

The aim of this initiative is to prepare young people for the future by providing them with useful tools for making informed choices about their education and career paths. In a constantly changing world, knowledge of different work realities is essential for forming aware citizens and competent professionals.

Special thanks go to Mr. Angelo Inglese and his wife Graziana D’Alconzo for their hospitality and kindness, serving as an example of how local excellence can inspire new generations.

The students left the workshop with a new awareness of the possibilities offered by craftsmanship, appreciating the value of quality, continuous training, and dedication that characterize this sector.