Canvas Giubottino



G. Inglese

Main Fabric


Main Color


Polse type

Square Cuff

Season fit


Canvas jacket,
It stands out for the details that each G. Inglese garment has.
The beauty of this jacket is given by the stitching done all by hand with silk thread.
They are well enhanced on the collar, on the pockets and on the edge of the bottom.
Hand-stitched sleeve with slight softness on the armhole, typical of a tailoring process.
Sleeve closed at the bottom with shirt-style cuff.
Body closed at the waist by a belt with two adjustable side buckles.
There are 4 pockets, with flap, hand-stitched with silk thread on the chest.
Buttonholes hand-embroidered with silk thread, and buttons attached by hand, with “ punto giglio “.
Inside, attention to detail, with a clean image inside the garment.
Recommended to wear in your free time, always with style, sobriety and timeless elegance.
Unmistakable touch, a spray of our Acqua di Ginosa perfume. Our exclusive perfume, to bring you a bit of our territory.