Linen,Cotton and Silk Sahariana Jacket



G. Inglese

Main Color


Main Fabric

Cotton, Linen, Silk

Context fit

Business Formal, Casual

Season fit


For who loves urban style, always current, ensuring casual elegance, the art of living the contemporary world with a light mind.
Saharan with soft colors and a timeless taste.
Single-breasted jacket with 4 pockets, with internal bellows, with a round and harmonious shape, contrasted by the pointed flap.
Real mother-of-pearl buttons attached by hand with “punto giglio”.
Bottom of the sleeve open with vent, on request closed with a single button (for my suggestions like G. Inglese style).
On the shoulder two gussets, which characterize the Safari model, closed by a belt, which highlights the tailored line of the jacket.
Point that characterize the G. Inglese jacket, Sartorial construction, impeccable cut scrupulously by hand, from the cut to the finishes and hand-embroidered buttonholes.
All pockets stitching by hand with silk ply.
The deconstructed jacket, distinctive G. Inglese, has a comfortable fit, which follows the lines of the body, enhancing the male physique, enhancing the shoulder line, without any type of padding, characteristic of a sartorial construction.
Unmistakable touch, the G. Inglese flower in the buttonhole, more Pochette square.
And last touch a spray of Acqua di Ginosa. Our exclusive perfume, to transport you, with your imagination, to our territory