Popeline Shirt



G. Inglese

Main Fabric


Collar type


Polse type

Button-Hole, Round Cuff

Main Color

Light Blue

Context fit

Business Formal, Casual

Season fit


This unique piece is masterfully finished with 25 passages by hand for a popeline shirt.
The shirt is rigorously cut with scissors and assembled in some cases by old models of Singer machines.
Every stitching is made with maniacal attention and mastery.
Shirt finished by hand according to the canons of our tailoring, with 25 steps by hand, from the cut of each single shirt to the stitching of the armhole, neck and shoulders, small hand-embroidered details such as bar tacks, hand-embroidered buttonholes and buttons , in real mother of pearl, attached by hand “ punto giglio”.
Last touch, a splash of Acqua di Ginosa. Our exclusive perfume, to transport you a little with the imagination, in our territory.