Seishou shoes

Seishou is a luxury footwear brand founded by Japanese designers Masaharu Ikeda and Yuko Matsuzaki.
Each footwear is made through a Made in Italy handcrafted production

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Yuko’s Story

Yuko Matsuzaki was born in Asakusa, in the historic heart of Tokyo, Japan.
Her family has always had a great passion for art and craftsmanship, and having been born into a very creative environment, it wasn’t long before she began designing shoes. She thus enrolled in the Tokyo University of Art and Design, and soon after finishing her studies, she began working designing shoes for a major Japanese brand.
Later, she continued her career path as a freelance designer for major international brands.
Her connection with Italy began in the 1990s, when she began selecting Italian shoes for the Japanese market, and also participating in major trade fairs. She then decided to move to Milan, the city that had stolen her heart the most.
From the 2000s she worked with several Italian shoe factories on OEM (original equipment manufacturing) production. She then decided to start producing her collections in Italian artisanal workshops and also to start collaborations, thanks to which she had the opportunity to learn a lot about the whole manufacturing process, from design to production. But it was in 2020 that she realized her dream: to have her own line of luxury shoes.

The brand Seishou

Seishou’s story begins in 2020 when Yuko Matsuzaki and designer Masaharu Ikeda founded the luxury shoe brand.
The name Seishou means “to sing together in unison” and reflects the idea of combining contemporary Japanese style with traditional Italian craftsmanship, timeless design, and high-quality manufacturing come together to create our shoes. Seishou updates and refines classic designs to suit modern tastes, creating a “new standard” of footwear that reveals great elegance without being overly formal. We believe that luxury can be achieved through clean profiles and meticulous construction. Seishou footwear focuses on comfort and style, a perfect combination for a shoe you can wear at any time of day.