Bracelet With Swarovski



G. Inglese

Main Color


Lilac bracelets with swarovski.
The G. Inglese bracelet was born from the idea of ​​embellishing the piccanello (lace placed behind the neck of sports shirts) with a trilogy of boutonniere embellished with Swarovski glitter, and a button in mother of pearl . It immediately became an accessory that stands out for its style and elegance, on the wrist of a man, but also of a refined woman. Made in numerous combinations, the bracelet was presented on the occasion of special events or collections: one of all, the one inspired by the typical colors that accompany Angelo’s day: the sky, the green of the pastures and the tuff, stone of our historic center . All our bracelets are handmade with the crochet method, a detail from which we can deduce the passion but also our mission: to enhance the wealth that our cultural heritage possesses, to re-evaluate an ancient art, and to restore dignity to that humble profession, which once represented a resource for every family.