Linen Jacqueline Polo



G. Inglese

Main Fabric


Polo model


Polse type

Square Cuff

Main Color

Light Blue

Context fit

Business Formal, Casual

Season fit


Polo Jacqueline,
Iconic item of our tailoring, inspired by the years of the “ Dolce Vita”, and by the icons of feminine elegance.
Made of linen, with a soft and fluid line. The fabric is treated to obtain a soft and pleasant hand
Not too wide a line, to highlight feminine elegance.
Hand-made details and finishes distinguish a G. Inglese garment.
Harm-hole stitched by hand, hand-stitched internal bib, hand-stitched embroidery
Last touch, a few drops of Acqua di Ginosa, our exclusive perfume, to transport you with your imagination to our territory.