Author: Sartoria G. Inglese

  • “G.Inglese Metaverse” is here

    “G.Inglese Metaverse” is here

    Everything is ready for G. Inglese Metaverse: the digital platform of the renowned atelier promoting Tailoring Tourism arrives in Ginosa. The history meets the innovation Born from the experience of Realverso, the sustainability metaverse winner of the national Top of the Pid 2023 award, G. Inglese Metaverse is unique in its kind. A three-dimensional environment…



    It’s now a ritual, and this year too, the idea of enhancing panettone with packaging that recalls the sartorial and embroidery tradition without neglecting the excellence of our country. We did it with Domenico Giove, a young and promising Ginosino pastry chef, with his panettone, awarded among the best pastry chefs in Italy.I share many…